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How to avoid bias in artefacts? Approaches to technology design and innovation

Wednesday (21.03.2018)
16:40 - 17:00
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Technological artefacts are often assumed to be objective and neutral. Numerous case studies from feminist science and technology studies, however, demonstrate that technical artefacts are often biased. Such artefacts perpetuate the existing structural-symbolic gender order and other categories of inequality by design. In this talk I will provide (mainly historic) examples of gendered artifacts (e.g. certain robots, cars and software). I will moreover carve out some typical patterns in the process of technology development fostering problematic gendering of technology, such as the I-methodology or stereotyping. The main objective of my talk, though, is to introduce methods capable of avoiding such biases in processes of technology design and innovation.

Prof. Corinna Bath
TU Braunschweig