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Colloidal Capsids from Atomically Precise Nanoparticles

Wednesday (21.03.2018)
12:40 - 13:00
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Molecular self-assembly relies on various non-covalent interactions between well-defined molecular level building blocks. However, at higher length scale utilization of such supramolecular interactions in the self-assembly of colloidal level building blocks such as nanoparticles (organic/inorganic) is challenging, due to aggregation tendencies, polydispersity and difficulties in controlling the directionalities of the building blocks. In nature, biological particles, such as virus capsid self-assemblies are inspirational examples for sub-unit based hierarchical structure formation.[1] They represent one of the fascinating examples for genetic economy, efficiency and error-free structure formation. In this presentation, I will show how to control the synthesis of nanoparticles at atomic precision and their self-assembly to obtain hierarchical superstructures (Figure 1).[1,2] The special emphasis will be on free-standing 2D nanosheets with one nanoparticle thick layer (2.5 nm) and their bending to hollow spherical capsids with monolayer thick shell.[3] Further, the importance of monodisperse building blocks for designing chiral plasmonic polarizers will be discussed.[4]


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Dr. Nonappa Nonappa
Aalto University
Additional Authors:
  • Prof. Olli Ikkala
    Aalto University