SPP1569: "Generation of multifunctional inorganic materials by molecular bionics”

The Euro-Bio-Inspired conference also contains contributions related to the Priority Program 1569 (Generation of Multifunctional Inorganic Materials by Molecular Bionics) of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

The key objective of the SPP 1569 is to explore the principles of gene-regulated biomineralization for the production of multifunctional inorganic materials. The scientific aim is the application of biomolecules for the in vitro generation of inorganic functional materials as well as the biomineralization of these materials by living organisms in vivo. By using this route, materials with an enhanced property spectrum, which is not available via conventional processing techniques, shall be gained at ambient conditions by molecular architecture. The main objective is to generate materials with improved properties and novel property combinations by the conjunction of inorganic and organic components.

For further information about SPP1569 please visit: www.uni-stuttgart.de/spp1569

Chair SPP 1569
Prof. Dr. Joachim Bill
University of Stuttgart,
Department of Materials Science,
Professorship III, Stuttgart,

SPP 1569 Coordination Office
Juliane Kränzl
E-mail: spp1569@imw.uni-stuttgart.de